10 Custom Features You Must Have in Your Master Bedroom

10 Things You Need in Your Master Bedroom

While the kitchen might be the heart of the home, the master bedroom is your personal retreat. After a crazy day at work, a high noise level during dinner while your kids all talk excitedly about their day, and then an hour spent on cleaning up the house after the dinner mess and just the general kid mess, you are ready to relax. You need a serene space. A place where you feel enveloped in luxury, comfort, and peace. A space that soothes your soul. This exactly is why, when you design your custom master bedroom with your Des Moines builder, you want to pay attention to a few key custom master bedroom features.

1. Recessed Lights on a Dimmer

Have you ever walked into a bedroom and been blinded by the overhead light that is built into the fan? The strange whiteness of the fluorescent bulb can give you a migraine. Or even if you have a softer-hued lightbulb, that one light dangling from the center of the ceiling doesn’t reveal anything in the corners and gives you eye strain if you try to look at anything that is not in the center of the room. You definitely don’t want your custom master bedroom to be lit like this. Instead, you need recessed lights on a dimmer that provide adjustable light to the entire, luxurious room. This way you can flood the room for light when you need to find an earring back on the floor, and you can dim the lights all over your bedroom to create a candlelit, romantic (and just relaxing!) atmosphere. So make sure when you design your custom master bedroom with your Des Moines builder that you talk about recessed lights!

2. Floor to Ceiling Windows (or close to Floor to Ceiling Windows)

Light sets the mood in any room, especially in a custom master bedroom. A feature such as floor to ceiling windows will let the light stream into your bedroom in the morning so that you wake up with a smile on your face. Imagine opening your eyes to see, first thing, light gauzy sheer curtains filtering sunshine into your custom master bedroom creating a sunbeam that ends on your bed. Doesn’t that sound like the most perfect way to wake up in the morning?

3. Built-in Bedside Lights

Built-in bedside lights in your custom master bedroom are the ultimate lighting luxury. You don’t have to deal with chords, or lights that can be knocked off of side tables by kids running around and playing catch in your room, or by you tripping in the dark. Instead, you can enjoy. “wireless” lighting next to your bed with built-in personal sconces. Plus, when you have a personal light on a dimmer you can stay up reading after your partner has gone to bed. Make sure you talk to your Des Moines builder about personalized lighting when you design your custom master bedroom.

4. A Personal Patio

There is nothing more luxurious than opening your curtains to reveal French doors flanked by floor to ceiling windows that lead out onto your own personal patio. A place where you can relax in peace and quiet, listening to the peaceful sounds of the birds while you sip on your first cup of coffee.

5. Fireplace

Ah, the joy of sitting in front of a softly flickering fire, savoring your even cocktail or cup of tea on a cold Iowa winter day. Just the sight of the soothing flames can lull you nearly to sleep. A fireplace creates a feeling of snugness and even a feeling of romance. Your custom master bedroom won’t be complete without a fireplace to create the right ambiance. Now, when you talk with us about your custom master bedroom fireplace feature, make sure that you specify either a gas or electric fireplace. You don’t want to have to worry about falling asleep watching the flames just to have a spark jump out and burn the carpet, or worse.

6. Heated Floors

Oh, nothing feels better on a chilly early morning when you have to jump out of bed to get ready for work in the shivering air than a heated floor. It is better than slippers because it makes the warmth travel all the way up your legs and helps you wake up gently.

7. High Ceilings

When you have a spacious, luxurious custom master bedroom, you don’t want to feel closed in with low ceilings! Bring more luxury into your custom master bedroom with at least 12-foot ceilings. This will make your bedroom oasis feel limitless!

8. A Sitting Area

When you design your custom master bedroom features with your Des Moines builder, you are probably already planning to design a spacious room. When you decide on the specs for your master bedroom, make sure that the spaciousness allows for a private sitting area. (In front of the fireplace is the perfect spot!) Sometimes when the kids are teenagers and up late at night you will want a private place to retreat to so that you can read a few chapters of your favorite book (or even so that you can just relax and talk to your spouse). This is when your private sitting area is going to be your favorite part of your bedroom oasis.

9. Convenient Outlets

Now, this might seem almost too obvious to you to be included in this list, but you will want power outlets conveniently located near your bedside. Why? Because you will want to be able to reach your phone in the middle of the night while it is charging and you need to check the time!

10. A Luxurious Walk-In Closet

Of course, no custom master bedroom would be complete without a custom, luxuriously large closet! A closet big enough to have a bench in it so you can sit in comfort to put on your shoes. And a closet big enough so that you can fit all of your clothes (and your partner’s clothes!) with room to spare! After all, you don’t want to have a luxurious and romantic custom master bedroom just to argue over the closet space!

Your custom master bedroom is going to be the most special room in your custom home. If you are ready to enjoy your own personal oasis now, then contact us today!

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