Des Moines Area Green Home Builder

Neighborhood Builders is a Des Moines area green home builder and we are committed to building custom homes that lessen the impact on the environment and are good for you and your family's health and comfort.

Certified GREEN Professional and all of our homes are 5-Star Energy Certified and Built to NAHB Green standards.

Steps We Take to Ensure Efficency in The Homes We Build:

  • Interior and Exterior Drain Tile – To prevent moisture build up
  • Low E Windows – Glass coatings are transparent that reflect up to 90% of long wave heat energy
  • Low U Window Factors – The U factor refers to the rate of heat loss through the window. Using a lower factor indicates a higher insulating value
  • Roof Overhangs & Covered Entry – Roof overhangs and covered entries are used to help reflect heat from the sun and shed water
  • Engineered Wood Products (EWP) – such as roof trusses, i-joists laminated and glue lam material
  • OSB – Oriented Strand Board plywood is used in place of plywood
  • Alternative Siding Products – Fiber cement siding and masonry products are more sustainable in our geographic area and more energy efficient
  • Composite Materials: Various parts of the home are replaced with composite materials such as decking or Fypon products in replace of wood.
  • Blown Cellulose Insulation – Consisting of recycled news paper; an adhesive agent is added and sprayed in all walls providing an air tight home with a high R value
  • Recycled Gypsum – 15% of construction waste is dry wall and is recycled into new gypsum board
  • RUUD 96% Gas Furnaces – Careful selection and sizing is used on all heating and cooling equipment to increase efficiency and lengthen equipment life. All gas furnaces are 2 stage veritable speed and include a 10 Year Warranty
  • RUUD Thermostats - our WiFi ready touch screen thermostats provide high tech efficiency with convenance such as built-in humidity controls
  • Honeywell Fresh Air Ventilation Systems – This system allows fresh air to be introduced into the home and increase your systems efficiency.
  • LifeBreath - Heat recovery ventilators provided maximum home ventilation
  • AprilAir 500 Humidifiers - Optional powered units provided maximum humidity control
  • Sealed Duct Work – All aluminum ducts are caulked and sealed from leaking
  • Hydrom Module Geo Thermal Systems – Using the earth to transfer heat to and from the soil is a very energy efficient and comfortable way of living. Learn more at
  • Radiant Floor Heating - Geo thermal or stand alone power offers comfort and efficiency
  • Tankless Hot Water Heaters – This option allows water to only be heated when needed to save energy and provide comfort
  • Lighting & Lighting Controls – High efficiency florescent bulbs and dimmers are used to increase energy efficiency
  • Appliances – High efficient Energy Star appliances are used to save up to 30% of typical energy costs
  • Shaw Flooring Products – Shaw flooring products including carpeting, carpet pad, wood laminate, cork flooring and ceramic tile are made of recycled materials
  • Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste – All construction waste is shipped directly to Des Moines local recycling plant.

All Homes We Build are Third-Party Verified to Meet 5-Star Energy & NAHB Green Building Standards:

To ensure that all features and systems of our homes are built and function as intended Heartland Energy Solutions is used as a third party inspector to inspect insulation, duct work, heating and cooling systems and perform a blower door test to meet all 5 Star Energy requirements and meet NAHB Green building standards. In addition the following steps are taken to verify the energy performance of our homes:

  • Testing & commissioning of HVAC systems
  • Insulation inspection
  • Blower door testing for house tightness (building envelop and leakage)
  • Home energy ratings
  • Test all components of the home
  • Adjust all systems to maximize efficiency
  • Provide maintenance training and manuals for our homeowners
  • 2012 IECC Code Complaint