Custom Home Building Process and Timeline

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Building your new home is an exciting time. Here's the (very simplified) process and timeline we use to build homes.

  • The home building process begins...

    1. Prepare site and pour foundation

    • Level site, grade soil for water control
    • Put up forms for the foundation
    • Pour concrete footings
    • Utilities are installed
  • A house starts to take shape.

    2. Complete rough framing

    • Building team installs subfloors, walls, and roof
    • Protective sheeting is applied to the exterior walls and covered with a protective wrap to keep out moisture
  • The central nervous system of your new home is installed.

    3. Complete rough electrical, plumbing and HVAC

    • Plumbing pipes
    • Electrical wiring
    • Water supply lines
    • Bathtubs and showers
    • Ductwork for HVAC
  • Insulation plays and major role in keeping you comfortable and improving your homes energy efficiency.

    4. Install insulation

    Insulation is important, especially on cold Iowa winters, because it helps lower your heating and cooling costs. 

  • 5. Install drywall and fixtures

    • Hang interior drywall
    • Install interior and exterior fixtures
  • Your new home starts looking more livable.

    6. Install interior and exterior finishes, driveways, sidewalks

    • Doors, windows, baseboard, and decorative trim installed
    • Stair balusters installed
    • Roofing/shingles installed
    • Cabinets, vanities, mantels installed
    • Interior walls are textured and painted
    • Driveways, sidewalks ad patios are installed
    • Exterior decorating installed
  • Your new home starts looking more like what you envisioned.

    7. Flooring and counter tops installed, lot prepared for landscaping

    • Hard surface flooring is installed
    • Kitchen and bathrooms countertops installed
    • Exterior grading completed preparing for landscaping and proper drainage
  • 8. Install bathroom fixtures, lighting, switches and more

    • Bathroom fixtures installed including faucets, sinks, and toilets
    • Furnace, air conditioner and other HVAC equipment is installed including vents and registers
    • Light fixtures, switches, and outlets installed
  • Finishing touches installed

    9. Install doors, carpets, landscaping - Final clean up

    • Carpeting and other flooring installed
    • Decorative finishes and features installed such as mirrors, shower doors, etc
    • Landscaping and sod installed
  • The big day arrives!

    10. Final walkthough

    • Walk through your new home
    • Learn about features, functions, maintenance
    • Learn about warranty information

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